PAX West Notes by PH

So far: Homeworld 3 is very exciting. Astroneers, Risk of Rain 2, Trover, Bulletstorm.
BL3 Collectors unboxing/Magic trick now…
Vault keys…minifigs…Sanctuary 3 model kit…Vault map…
magic ensues in a wickedly sparkly black jacket.
Chad makes decisions slowly.
Suspicious envelopes
“You had one job, Chad”
Goose, Ian, and Todd win!

SIgn up to register interest in a Diamond loot chest at from NOW until Sept 6 2.30PST, randomly selected folks will get a chance to purchase.

Extravasplosion party Dallas, Texas, Sept 6th

The Borderlands Show will be a monthly event hosted by Greg Mills (Kinda Funny Games) Sept 18th on Twitch submit questions at kindafunnygames

Scott on Endgame: inspired by samples of current BL2 players
Advanced character growth- Guardian Rank similar to badass rank, unlocks on beating the game. Tokens gained potentially infinitely, with unique perks i.e skins. Anointed gear interacts with player skills.
Areas autolevel to player level, instead of game modes (I thiiink?)
Mayhem mode- more difficult and more xp. Enemy stats change, with random immunities for example. (A bit like random stuff from Moxxis slaughterdome?)

DLC: Bloody Harvest free content with activities and no microtransactions,
Maliwan Takedown free update, all new map, new enemies and ‘raid’ boss. New rewards
DLC 1 included w/season pass, campaign add on. More details to be announced on The Borderlands Show


And dont name your child Chad apparently


Let’s just give Chad(s) a chance, haha

Is it the same Chad that makes those chili cheese fries that Mr Shank talks about?

That was Chaz I think.


Definitely chaz