PAX West Scavenger Hunt Codes

Is there a certain place to enter the PAX West Scavenger Hunt codes, or did that go away once the expo ended? Reception in the hall was horrendous, so I’m just getting to it now (took pictures of the signs with my phone). None of them work under the categories on the VIP-Codes page.

Note, I’m specifically referring to the scavenger hunt, not the sweepstakes code.

Have you tried using it from the “Redeem A PAX Code” that’s there first?

They should count as the same thing given that the codes were exclusively distributed from a PAX event.

Lots of event codes do have a short shelf life post event too, and 3-4 days on is about all they get.

E3 had a short shelf life, so did Gamescom and I’ve seen some “PAX-xxxxxxx” codes return expired messages.

They all went inactive about 8 hours ago.

That one is reserved for the sweepstakes entry cards they handed out.

Draaaaaag! Thanks for confirming though. I knew I should have done them earlier. I was going off the expiration date for the sweepstakes entry card, so figured all of the event codes went till that date. :confused: