Pay to win cant wait for alani nerf

every little kid and that little season pass.

every single game the other team has an alani and every single time i get wrecked by her.

2500 damage in less than 5 seconds. at level 1.

from a healer

while i was cc

good game


no wonder game has lots of bad reviews on steam

been broken for 5 days or more now cant wait for the nerf hope gearbox does the right thing man because every game i just wanna quit this game it seems. im a loyal gearbox fan and i do like this game so i do have hope… but geesh it seems like its taking forever.

cant wait for her to be balanced.

its obvious shes op if every single game, every team has her… and shes averaging 10 heals, 0 deaths, 99 million healing and dmg done, etc.

come on fam, gearbox… plz do the right thing.

dont become pay to win.

currently its pay to win

It is not pay to win. Also EVERY moba esque game has to read balance the new characters that come out, this isn’t going to change just because this isn’t a traditional moba. They are already going to balance her but it won’t be till next week I believe. Also don’t over exaggerate, I’ve gone plenty of games where neither side has played her and when she is used I only see some people that are good at the game do that we’ll with her. Yes she is very powerful for the character archetype she is supposed to fill but I see people do just as well if not better as Miko still even after the nerf. These things take time to fix as well so don’t expect then to instantly make changes as changes in code can cause serious problems with the already established code in the game.

Getting access to her a week early is simply a bonus to the season pass, it is not pay to win.

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Devs are already looking into her balancing. Use the search function and you’ll find open threads about this you can add your thoughts to, instead of starting new threads


Would like to throw in that I only saw maybe 3Alani’s in the last four hours. She’s already dying, people are bored with her.


TC so you really let her cc chain you ? Her moves are so obvious and easy to avoid. If you get hit by geyser you deserve to get killed.

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Please use your other existing thread to discuss this, rather than make another one. Thanks.

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