Pay to win? please no no no no

lets face it. so far the character u gotta pay for… is way op compared to regular characters.

small, agile, hard to hit, insane damage, insane cc, insane healing, fast push backs. good helix tree… etc. etc

tbh i dont wanna pay the money for season pass. its not that im poor. i just feel like its a gimmick to make money, and i disagree.

watch that south park episode about how video game companys make people pay to win lol

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The devs have already stated that they are going to reduce her power somewhat.

And she’s available in-game, for free.


She’ll be available in less than a week dude; chill. You’ll still have plenty of time to enjoy her current OP-ness before they balance her.

Unless I’m horribly mistaken;

Alani will be available for everyone starting the 31st. Those who purchased a season pass or a digital deluxe get an extra benefit (something which is not uncommon in games).

I’d understand your frustrations if any of the above were the case, but it isn’t. Also, Alani is a new release and hasn’t been user tested for a long enough period of time. Even in some circumstance where Alani was a pay to play character (which again she isn’t), I can almost assure you that her stats and abilities will be altered over time


isnt this you’r second time makeing this post about pay to win, and pay to win would be like instead of famring you’r gear here jus tpay a buck and you can have you’r very own -10% cool down chrono key a character that can be trash in a day eh i dont consider that pay to win

She’s currently not available for free until the 31st, but I guess it’s ok to release it for season pass holders to enjoy before they balance her.

Yes it is alright to release Alani a week early to season pass holders, a small but very short-lived benefit. As for her being OP, that wouldn’t have been intentional in any way. It’s only through proper user testing that this has become obvious and they will be nerfing her shortly.

Thank You, my bad.

Hello, again! Agreed; pay to win almost always involves in-game currency as well. Nothing wrong with limited time-locked content in my book, because the key word there is “limited”.

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Love that episode - but this situation with Alani has absolutely nothing to do about it. Thats my opinion as fan of Southpark and enemy of Pay-to-Win.

She´ll be up for eveyone in a short time - let the SeasonPassHolders have their week of fun with her in advance and chill.

:large_blue_circle: After 31st you can buy Alani with ingame-currency - even without the Season-Pass.
No Borderlands-DLC-char had this cool option!!!

And I think its no use in pretending this is a Pay-to-Win situation just because you came across some badass Alanis.
(So far I saw only one impressive Alani, the rest was played beyond average.)

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Yes, I’m salty that I didn’t spend more money on a game that is struggling to have a larger playerbase than a farming simulator released last year.

In all seriousness, it’s a legitimate problem. It would be wise to listen to what players are saying.

I agree with you, except that usually it’s the kids that can’t afford things like season passes and DLC.

Let’s talk about the game, not the other forum users, please.

To be fair, we got her early to be the lab rats they tested her on lol (not that I have a problem with that) so you can actually thank those of us who chose to support this game by purchasing a season pass, because now when you get Alani in the 31st for free her balancing will either be done or not too far off!

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No need to pretend you are more wise or more caring than the rest of us. Really no need.

Look up the posts you got here - Alani will be free avaible after 31st for everyone, you can unlock her with ingame currency then. Just a pile ingame coins, thats all. No money ripped from anyone. Yes the Season-Pass-holders got her earlier, thats all.

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True, maybe “kids” was the wrong term. Lets say “enthusiasts” instead.
Yes they bought a DLC/SeasonPass to get things earlier. Earlier means not exclusive.

The OP states the picture that Alani (or other future content) would be exclusively for SeasonPass-holders or 2Pay - which is simply wrong.

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And there is similarly no need to pretend I said that. I said it is wise to listen to player grievances.

Half of the posts or topics these days seem to be complaining about the dwindling population, do you think it’s wise to ignore complaints from players and risk them leaving to find a different game?

Kids is definitely the wrong term. I may be young at heart but I’ll hit the half century next year. :scream:

I am however very much an enthusiast of Battleborn, though maybe “addicted” would be a better term. :smiley:


I friggin wish I was a kid again! Then I’d have an excuse for spending my money on all these games!

Honestly though, I bought the Digital Deluxe edition because of the Season Pass for the extra missions.

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I see that theres a big issue with the PC-community so far - I bet if I can see that I´d bet the Devs recognized this issue as well.
Does these topics by any chance raise player population? And how should GBX do it? The answer coming is “F2P!!!” and I doubt this would help in any regard, like connection-issues, matchmaking-issues or aimbot-issues.

Calling a game is about to die = Spreading negativity.
And spreading negativity never did anything good for any game or franchise. Thats my point. I´m not saying theres no issue - there is.
But is not solved by any of these topics that were created lately.
These topics just make more people leave because they think: “Yeah he´s right, its dead, I get game X instead.” - which leds to even smaller population.