Pay your respects to the Porcelain Pipe Bomb Thread

Being a Path of Exile player I know all to well about the Balance Patches and Nerf Hammers…with the small hope of a nerfed legendary becoming a legacy item.

I found it’s better to get all the emotion out at once so moving on becomes easier. So please give your.experiences, what you’ll miss, and talk about how you’ll be able to farm moving forward.

I will begin

“PPB…I never used you, I never liked you, but I respect your hustle. You gave hope to the downtrodden and the under geared. Your reign of terror lasted for 2 weeks, but you’ll always be in our hearts.”



Sept 13th 2019 - Sept 26th 2019

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RIP Pipe Bombers.

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(chuckles while looking at all the people who purchased digital instead of physical)
(chuckle develops into crazed, maniacal laughter)


RIP :frowning:

Good bye Pipe Bomb… Thankfully nobody will remember you in a week or two.

Oh yeah, R.I.P btw…

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I just got one a couple days ago. I thought they were a lego but it was blue with red text. Lobed radiation. Was not impresed with it. Never got to play with one pre nerf.

I don’t see this going anywhere positive.

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