{PC} 60 FPS cap regardless of settings

For whatever reason, after the patch, my game is hard locked at 60 fps. Before the patch I was getting over 100 consistently. I adjusted every setting you could think of, I have the latest drivers, yet I still can’t remove the FPS cap.

Anybody else have this going on?

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There is a bug with NVIDIA driver that if you have a 2nd monitor that has a lower refresh rate (60hz) both your monitor will be locked to 60fps if you are watching a video on the 2nd screen. Were you ?

Interesting! I didn’t know about this bug actually.

I wasn’t watching anything, and I have tried to restart the game and adjust settings with nothing but the desktop on the second monitor, and no luck. Thank you for the help though. This gives me a few new ideas of how to maybe fix this.

You ever figure it out, mine just started having the same problem. Didn’t change anything with hardware, but was getting 140ish and now capped at 60 with no v sync or frame cap

Having this problem now too. Single monitor, 144 Hz, won’t go above 60 FPS anymore with vsync turned off and frame cap turned off. Very frustrating any ideas?

This happened to me after last patch. I was getting 90 FPS on 4K monitor…then 30 FPS after patch.
I had to drop to 1440P and then no matter what I’m capped at 60FPS.

The last patch screwed up major things for my game(as per usual).

PC Specs:
RTX 2080
Ryzen 5 2600X
32 Gb Ram
Only 1 Monitor

A response from Gearbox would be nice this is ridiculous.

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I also have this problem.

Same issue here… Gearbox could give some help…?

I figured out what causes this on Nvidia systems. In the Nvidia control panel, somehow my monitor got set to 60 Hz instead of 120 Hz when I updated my drivers, I set it back to 120 and game runs above 60 now in fullscreen mode.


This is the fix. NVidia Changed the settings back to 60FPS with driver update.

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@joennorris you rock :guitar::guitar: :gun:
Thanks for the tip. I was going absolutely mad trying to fix this issue.
98hz now and smooth as silk. 3 cheers for you!