[PC] Are you going to Fix these crashes?

I’m not the only one when i say that these crashes are absurd. They are not random crashes either, they happen when you go to choose a battleborn, when you go into a game, and when you end a game. I’ve run countless games fine and run this game at 72 FPS are a slightly below average graphic’s setting. I’ve seen other threads talking about this too. I can get into the game again, but i have to play with a random battleborn EVERY SINGLE TIME. And this only started happening more frequently yesterday.
I dont know what you guys did to cause this to happen. I’ve even run the CTT and not once did i encouter any crashes or anything broken (Besides Phoebe good lord). I understand that the open beta is ending tomorrow, but it would give me some peace at mind to know you fixed these issues so that i know the finished game will not have these crashes and i will just be unable to play it.

Here are the Fatal Error reports:

Most of the crashes i have dont even give me these, and they just bring me to my desktop.

If it means anything, the early access preview of the game right before the open beta had no issues with crashing whatsoever but I’m also experiencing these crashes now. Probably something to do with changes made for the open beta so I’d imagine it will be eas(y)(ier) for them to track this bug down. I will be preordering the game and will make a post if it’s been fixed once the game comes out.

Hi @Beyondlimbo,

Would it be possible to get copies of your logs, dumps, and DXdiags so the team can investigate?