[PC?] Battleborn voting system needs to allow for change

Even if maybe just allowing to change vote once, I like to play the game in borderless mode, and since I sit in queue for so long to stop paying attention I normally don’t have the window focussed. So when voting finally comes up I tend to click the window just to focus, but to my amazement I have now voted for Overgrowth (ugh). This is due to the combination of a few issues:

  • Boredom waiting 15+ minutes for a game
  • Clicking back to game registering as a vote
  • Clicking ANYWHERE on the screen simply votes for the “closest” option to the point you clicked (ANNOYING)
  • Unable to then change this randomly decided vote
  • Me being stuck with two monitors and using the PC version XD

Am I the only one who does this? I suppose it’s possible since there’s only 1000 of us who are on this version.

Either it needs to allow for change, or immediately conclude the countdown once the point-of-no-return is reached.

Shaving 15 seconds off the timer when the result is obvious would reduce the time to get into a match, resulting in finishing the match sooner, resulting in a higher duty cycle of people playing vs. waiting, reducing matchmaking times slightly.

At this point, why NOT optimize all of the countdowns to streamline play?