PC BL3 refuses to launch unless I verify it every time on the EpicStore

Both me and my wife have purchased a copy of Borderlands 3 in the Epic Store.

My computer always launches the game normally, while my wife’s computer has to “Verify” the game every time before launching, or else it simply doesn’t work.

The only differences that I can think of between us are:

  • I have the season pass, she doesn’t.
  • It’s a different computer with different specs (mine/hers):
    – GTX 1080 Ti vs GTX 780
    – i7 5930K vs i7 4820K
    – motherboards, ram, peripherals differ (I’ll can go more in depth if anyone else has the same issue and would like to find a common denominator here)

Has anyone had this issue and found a solution to it?

I’ve read random threads about DX12 (not the case here) and all kinds of other random things, but nothing so far the correlates to the behavior I’m seeing.

Bit of a long shot, but is there any difference in installed antivirus/antimalware software? Where exclusions to such software need to be made, are they the same on both systems? Are the game’s folder permissions the same on both systems?

We both use only Windows Defender. Both are Windows 10 with all latest updates. I haven’t changed the folder permissions on either side, so they should also be stock, but I’ll double check.

Would resetting all permissions in the folder be a good approach? Like:

icacls * /T /Q /C /RESET

Or does Borderlands change any permissions during it’s installation?

WindowsDefender could be interfering, then. You want to exempt your games save folder from it, as ‘internet connected applications that modify local save files’ is considered a suspicious activity. The anti-ransomware feature will also get triggered by that.

Weird thing that will take less time than re-verifying.

Pull up task manager. Find the background processes of two BL3s. End the one with the registered trademark (R in a circle). Execute again. I have to do this every other day, it seems.

Since it looks like her computer is quite a bit older, I’d check out the hard drive and make sure its healthy. Typically, if files are corrupted, I’d expect there was an unclean shutdown or the drive has some corrupted sectors (or both, as the latter often results from the former). If that is the case, its fixable without a new drive, as the operating system can mark them as bad, losing a bit of storage space but hopefully letting the game launch without verifying.

To check your drive, you can run chkdsk by right clicking on the drive the game is installed on in “This PC” in file explorer, then going to properties->tools and then under “Error checking,” click “Check.” You’ll have to schedule the check for the next reboot, unless the game isn’t installed on the C drive.

In addition, it’s probably worth running sfc /scannow. For more details on that:


Antivirus technically could be the culprit too, but its unlikely if you both are using Windows Defender (and, for that matter, I am too, without any issues.) Also, if the RAM was going bad or the CPU was overheating, data could be corrupted during the installation and verification. However, these would cause a lot of other issues - bluescreens, crashes, freezes, etc. So, my money is on the hard drive… Old school mechanical drives get something that is vaguely analogous to magnetic “scratches” when they lose power unexpectedly in the middle of a write operation. SSDs don’t have moving parts, but similarly can get corrupted when they lose power. Dust, heat, and plain old age can also be issues for hard drives.

Source: Currently studying computer science, have worked as an assistant to a sysadmin, and have had similar things crop up on Steam games when a hard drive was on the verge of dying.

Yeah, sorry, I should have been more explicit.

The most basic diagnostics like bad sectors, AV and such were things that I had already considered.

The reason why I think even file permissions is not the case is: When you re-verify, if there’s a hash checksum mismatch, the file is re-downloaded. When you launch the game again, if it was not able to change a file, it would stay in the original download condition, hence allowing the game to be launched again.

PS: I’m a software engineer with over 20 years of experience :slight_smile: So I do know my way around computers. I asked in the forums because the last thing I want to do with my free time is load the game in a debugger and reverse engineer why this issue is happening.

Could you Let me know if my course of action works for getting it to load? So I can know if my thing is the same thing?