PC BL3 refuses to launch unless I verify it every time on the EpicStore

Both me and my wife have purchased a copy of Borderlands 3 in the Epic Store.

My computer always launches the game normally, while my wife’s computer has to “Verify” the game every time before launching, or else it simply doesn’t work.

The only differences that I can think of between us are:

  • I have the season pass, she doesn’t.
  • It’s a different computer with different specs (mine/hers):
    – GTX 1080 Ti vs GTX 780
    – i7 5930K vs i7 4820K
    – motherboards, ram, peripherals differ (I’ll can go more in depth if anyone else has the same issue and would like to find a common denominator here)

Has anyone had this issue and found a solution to it?

I’ve read random threads about DX12 (not the case here) and all kinds of other random things, but nothing so far the correlates to the behavior I’m seeing.

Bit of a long shot, but is there any difference in installed antivirus/antimalware software? Where exclusions to such software need to be made, are they the same on both systems? Are the game’s folder permissions the same on both systems?