[PC]Borderland 3 Failed To Save My Settings *RESOLVED

I’m having this same problem but with my PS4, any fixes?

if you guys are still having problems after doing these things then try finding more info online

thanks I added it to my post

I also have this problem. Tried all the above fixes but still nothin’ :frowning:

I still have this issue, none of the above has worked. Ive disabled all virus programs. Run it as adminstrator, in win 7/8/10 compatibility. Im at a loss for what to do.

Did you check Windows anti-ransomware protection and OneDrive exclusions as well? Both of those can prevent the settings file properly updating.

Yup, Windows anti ransomware is disabled and i dont have onedrive installed.

Did you check the file permissions manually? If you toggle it to read-write does the system (a) allow you to do that and (b) does the setting stick?

Hey I am also having the same issue could I also have help. I have followed the steps that were explained to the dot and it still will not save my settings

There must be something else blocking your game from saving. Is the Epic Client running as admin? Any additional AV programs from MS or 3rd parties? (Defender, BitDefender, MalwareBytes…) Another thing to check is where your settings file actually is - if something is remapping the drive/location, that will throw the game off.

How do I run the epic games client as an admin

You’ll need to Google for that I’m afraid - make sure you specify your Windows version in the search.

I’m having the same issue on PS4 too. You managed to sort it?

Playing on Windows 7 with Windows Defender turned off and I have no idea how to fix this.

Guess I’m just going to have to wait for a fix seeing as how none of the solutions apply to me. Next time I hope they release on Steam.

I managed to fix this for a while by renaming my .sav file to .sav.tmp and my .tmp file to .sav, but after restarting my computer I’m back to non-stop “Settings failed to save” and the previous solution does nothing.

Is this even on Gearbox’s radar? Can we expect a fix for this sometime soon?

Did you file a support ticket for the issue? If not, please do so as that will allow the team to log specific information.

Do you have any 3rd party antivirus software running? OneDrive? Do you use anything like Malwarebytes at all?

Is that the actual game save file for your character (save001.sav, etc.)? There’s an additional file one or two folders up called profile.sav which contains critical settings and game info (bank, cosmetics, …) Both files need to be read-write; if something has set the permission to read only (or has set one of the enclosing folders to read only) then updates to these files will be blocked.

I turned off my Avast Antivirus and it appears to have solved the problem? Both files are read-write. I don’t know if I like to keep my antivirus off while playing, though. I’ll see if adding everything to exclusions helps this time.

You should in theory be able to exempt your Games folders from Avast so that it still protects the rest of your system. This looks promising:

The basic issue is with the current spate of malware and ransomware, an application that connects to the internet and modifies files on your hard drive is considered suspect. So protection software tends to lock things down first and let the user figure out whether to change it.