[PC] Borderlands 3: Fps issues

Bare in mind I am aware my rig is crap. But my question here is why do i get these micro stutters that randomly happen. My PC contains

Gpu: GTX1070 founders
Cpu: AmdFX 6300
Ram: 16gb

Side not I am aware that the cpu is bad im working on an upgrade with that too any recommendations with in reason?

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It’s a known issue across all platforms.


Does anyone currently know of any temp fixes for this?

There’s quite a few fixes that people have found, the most common being DX12. Only issue is that it doesn’t work for everyone. What settings are you running?

Low and Medium

Try following these settings. You don’t have to go Ultra if you don’t want, but any of those settings don’t really matter as much as the ones that are turned off. Same with DX12. It may not work for you, but if it does, it’ll extend the game load time.

ive personally been experiencing even worse FPS after a few of these hot fixes they have been doing. My FPS will be anywhere between 40-80 fps depending on where I am in game with random stuttering

As many other Vault Hunter’s have said, “The game isn’t optimized.”

early access game


Yes, lots of stutter and frame drops all over the place, especially trying to aim scoped weapons. I’ve tried all of the suggestions people have posted and nothing helped, but feel free to give it a whirl yourself. The only thing that had any affect on my aim stuttering, was to join my brother’s game, instead of me being the host. Then of course, since he was now the host, his was stuttering and stuff. In my case, whoever is hosting the coop game, has a very bad time.

You guys are lucky. I can’t even play the game for 5 minutes without crashing.

Same here for me. Makes the game unplayable. Same PC ran BL 2 and Pre Sequel on ultra. It can’t run BL3 on low. So frustrated.

All y’all can do is wait. Fixes only seem to work for so many people.

If you change the Group Privacy setting to local and turn Social Notification Frequency to off it really helps a lot.

Also, if you turn the Overall Quality setting to Very Low and then just tweak the individual settings to your liking you will gain some FPS and some of the stuttering will stop.

AA: Temporal
Sharpening: On
Camera/Weapon Blur: Off
Texture Streaming: High
Aniso. Filtering: x16
Mat. Complexity: Ultra
Shadows: High
Draw Distance: High
Environmental Detail: High
Terrain Detail: High
Foliage: High
Character Detail: Ultra
Ambient Occlusion: Medium
Volumetric Fog: Off <—huge fps boost
Screen Space Reflections: High
Me: Also high

I get between 80 - 150 ish FPS with these settings on an 8700k 4.6ghz and a 1080 FTW 2. Play around with the setting and see what happens.

DX12 in this game, for some reason, is still “beta” and barely works for most people. I personally lose about 20fps with the same settings as DX11 but that’s just me.

It just seems like the game isn’t pre-rendering frames. I see the same kind of stutter in games if I turn Low Latency Mode to off in nvidia control panel. It’s installed on an 970 Evo so I don’t know why loading anything would be a problem.

Hope this helps.

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For me, setting Texture Streaming to low has probably had the biggest impact in reducing the stuttering upon aiming with a scope. Still suffering from random stutters, but they aren’t so bad as to make the game unplayable.

The Particle effects and Volumetric Fog are what’s killing my frame rates. Having an RX with double the normal DDR5 have helped me thus far. I’m deffo needing an upgrade though.

I mean games are a bit more demanding than they were in 2011-2014… but yeah I just went from max settings 110-130fps to dropping to 40 constantly after the latest hot"fix"