[PC] Borderlands 3 will not update

My Borderlands 3 will not update, i cant find anything around on it, the epic games launcher has been set to auto update since launch and were a few hot fixes in and i still haven’t been able to update by game for the hot fixes. from what i manage to find people say a prompt should pop up saying update available should appear in game but i have never seen it please help!

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When you are in game, press ESC and a prompt will say “do you want to quit to main menu to apply updates”. If you don’t get a prompt straight away, then there are no updates.

The updates are all just hot fixes

yah i have never had that prompt and my current patch version of the game is 1.0.1 CL 2015653, i never got the nerf to legendary drops or any of the bug fixes like the negative guardian rank fix, i just played and i got to -67 guardian rank after 10 mins of playing and apparently that is fixed

I have the same ■■■■■■■ problem. No update. This Launcher and this Game is the biggest ■■■■ i have ever seen. Anyone ideas where i can updating? Auto-updating is on. My current version is 1.01 and nothing is downloading.

Thanks Gearbox for this lousy optimized garbage.

That is the updated version of the game so there is nothing to update in the EGS Launcher.

The above post regarding “pressing ‘Esc’ & dialog window stating update available” means the hotfix (patch) is not loaded.

If you don’t get that prompt after ‘Esc’, then either you’re not online OR the hotfix IS loaded.

To confirm that the hotfix is loaded simply open the Guardian Rank and check the last item in the first column & the description should state something about being temporarily disabled*

*sorry from memory, not at my PC

The problem is that your lsass.exe needs access through your firewall.

For Windows Firewall, this is easily done as described here

If you are using another (actually useful) firewall you need to open your ports 49152-65535 (outgoing) for the TCP protocol.

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