Pc Borderlands GOTY Enhanced Fixes and Reshade

Hi all i am very old member from old forums…

Wanted to share with you my experience for game.

If you have problems with low frames and your PC is good (my is i5 6400 8 Gb DDR4 ram SSD and GTX 1060 6 Gb), its the memory leak in the game…

It is caused when you start NEW game and intro videos of DLCs and Bosses are causing them.

To fix this use this command on EXE of the game in Target.


Put game on SSD and frames are better and loading flys!

Now for Reashade:

Download lastest Reshade form here:

Open Reshade choose DX9/DX10/DX11/DX12, select BorderlandsGOTY.exe and download EVERY shader.

Here is my config for MUCH better looking game:

There is no need to play Old Goty anymore This is Perfection now.

Also i am using Ray Tracing Global Illumination Shader, but you must buy that one for now Check Google.