[PC] BUG REPORT - Brick get stuck

Brick get up…and die again .

Video Links: https://youtu.be/NTKP5bBNjEM

hey did you find a way to fix it

Exit the game and load save data… well, It seems to me it’s a funny moment . :rofl:

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Happened to me too. Exited the map the way I came in and he moved over to where he needed to be.

Same happened to me but he wasn’t stuck on anything. Just standing in a doorway and not helping me fight or moving anywhere. After clearing the area I was supposed to “follow Brick” but he just stands there.

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Just ran in to this exact issue on Oct 20th.

Just fast travel somewhere and go back.

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When Hammerlock sends you back, that Fire pest that spawns there, he got stuck inside the white cement box, fire just kept coming out. Cracked me up.