PC Cannot drop weapons in menu

Cannot drop any weapons in the menu HUD using the X key. I have not played the game for a few months, and it used to work fine before the updates. In the HUD I can select an item, then press and HOLD down on the X key, the icon starts to show a progression bar around the icon, but quits 1/4 way around. I tried everything including: Changing the way to select things in the HUD, trying shields, trying any other item. I have also changed the physical keyboard. Outside the HUD, the X key tracks objects and works perfectly fine. I have also Uninstalled the games, changed folders, change the path in Windows 10, and re-installed the game with the same exact results. I have opened a ticket with 2K, but they have only asked for me to re-install the game thus far. I can map the X key to anything OUTSIDE of the HUD, but inside, no matter what I try, I am unable to drop a weapon with the X key. I have to go to a vending machine every time in order to sell them. Thanks for any help and/or suggestions. I have turned on the debugging mode, but not sure what I would find in there