[PC] Can't advance story due to orbit view crashing game

Hi, I’ve ran into this porblem recently and so far found no solution, whenever I open the map and go to the orbit view, the game freezes with background music being the only output from the game. Nothing is clickable, I can’t go back, it just doesn’t repond and I have to close the game trough task manager. Now I’ve gotten a main story quest to return to Pandora, however, the drop pod is not there (even if I travel to another location and then come back, which fixes this issue for other planets), and I can’t use the orbit view because it crashes my game. So I’m stuck, hoping this is something that will be hotfixed.
PC specs: Win10 64, 8x i7-7700HQ CPU 2.8GHz, 8GB RAM, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti

any number of things can cause crashing, and there is a few things which can help.

  1. Is there any hardware overclocking involved? If there is some, try the stock hardware settings.
  2. Have you updated Windows to the latest release?
  3. Have you updated your video card drivers? This usually fixes a lot of in-game problems.
  4. Have you tried lowering the in-game graphics settings?
  5. Have you tried setting the Graphics API to DirectX 11? This is an Advanced setting under visuals.

Thank you for the advice.I have tried all of your suggestions. However, updating the drivers resulted in me no longer being able to tab out and close the game once it freezes. Now I have to hard reset every time. My settings were set to DirectX 11 by default.