(PC) Characters not being save to account

I have two computers. I logged in computer 1 and played till level 4 then I got on my 2nd pc it says character Pending… I take it this is an Epic fail with cloud saving.

Same issue here.
Home PC: shows my toon & current lvl
Work PC: shows ‘character pending’

Please advise…

I’ll 3rd this. As someone that bounces around between 2 main pcs at different locations I’d like to see a fix.

I miss Steam

I miss Steam

we all do…

Epic sucks big time in basic funtions thats a real problem.

Any one figure out where the character files are being stored locally?


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yay cloud sync works! . … but all of my BORDERLANDS 3 - SUPER DELUXE EDITION/ vip rewards items that I got out of the mail on computer 1 are missing, and my level 4 is missing.

I am having this issue on my ps4. I played at my house for hours and got to level 12 or so and now I am house sitting and I logged onto their ps4 and all I get is “character pending”… Is there any fix for this on ps4 that anyone knows of?