[PC] Chest Spawned Facing the Wrong Way

This is a semi-minor issue, but one of the large loot boxes spawned so that it opened facing the wall, and while I could still open it and loot it, I could not see the items I was looting due to how the box opened:

I have no idea if this bug is repeatable, due to how many randomized places on this portion of the map these large boxes can spawn - this was the first time I found this one at the shown location, and I have yet to see it there again (I assume it’s repeatable, though, due to how it would have had to been placed with your level design tools).

I assume the minimap is enough of a location for the devs to know which box I’m referring to, but just in case:

It’s right near the far right of the smaller two stairs/steps leading up towards the temple (closest to where you enter the area from), on a ledge directly across and over the stairs/steps area from where the enemy turret spawns (which is next to a large crystal formation in turn).