PC-Clan Marauders is recruiting Battleborn players!

The Marauders is an international multi-gaming clan devoted to ensuring that every member is at the least, decent, in whatever game they join for. Should that member not be decent, we will live train them to become so. This is a mature, fun, and skilled clan, and we plan on keeping it this way for the duration of our time.
If you’re interested in joining The Marauders, please make sure that you have a TeamSpeak 3 client downloaded as well as a working microphone and headset. Why headset? Because otherwise we can hear feedback and most importantly, your neighbors’ screwing.

Why I’m here: I’m here today to talk about our Battleborn section within the clan. We are the freshest branch in the clan alongside games like Overwatch, Rocket League and Division. And we need YOU to help the section grow! Our aim would be to help each other hone our skills, rank up, and, most importantly, have fun! In due time we would establish a roster, game nights, coaching, real competitive teams and possibly some tourneys, both serious and semi-serious.

So If you’re interested in Battleborn, or gaming in an awesome clan in general, you can check us out by making a profile and applying at http://www.marauderclan.com/!

You can also find us on Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/marauderclan
and Twitter: https://twitter.com/marauderclan

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We have just established game nights on Saturday and Monday, one for both regions! Feel free to drop by and send us an application at http://www.marauderclan.com/!

I joined this group this weekend. Its been kick ass and super supportive.


We have a steadily growing community of a little over 20 Battleborn players who are looking for more mates to play with!


We’re a really fun group of folks who just enjoy having a good time in Battleborn. We try to get together at a set day/time and play some themed matches, such as all brawlers, all OM, no support, all support, etc. Come check us out!

Good luck and have fun!