PC Class mod legendary sickle

how can I get the legendary sickle class mod for krieg ? ,I REALLY need it .


You can get it by killing Tubby enemies, although they only spawn at Level 61+ in UVHM.



I hate you modders.

Jk. Whats it do? Krieg much grr.

Only from tubbies on that specific level? Cant chubbies on tvhm drop it?

Im no modder i just want to improve my melee krieg im now using slayer of terramorphous

Correct, yes. The extra legendary class mods for each character were added as part of the UVHM upgrade pack 2 (levels 61-72). This also added another set of pearlescent gear.

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Thank you

No problem. If you’re not up to that level yet, and the Terra COM isn’t cutting it, you might want to keep an eye out for either a blue or purple rarity Sickle COM, or perhaps one of the Barbarian ones from TTAoDK. There’s a full list here

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Sorry broheim. Im trippin. Mistook what you was saying.