[PC] Co-op partner for 3GO-TP? (lvl 70)

I’m having trouble with the 3GO-TP mission (the quest markers don’t appear when I’m in the right area). I’ve contacted customer support and they advised me to try and finish it in someone else’s game to see if that allows me to finish the quest. So if anyone has that quest active right now, can I hop in and follow you?
My Steam name is Quentin_Coldwater, nickname Kwinten (or the other way around), if you want to find me.
Also, I live in UTC +1 (Western Europe), if anyone’s tracking timezones.

OK I have that mission uncompleted at lvl 70, but I am in the US CDT. Diogenes49 on steam. If you add me, message me when you are available, and we can have a go at it.