PC Community Deathwish IV: Return of the Tryhards

Got in the pc quickmatch with a friend today and after the obligatory 20-30 minute wait we got a match. The other side had 3 of the most notable pc tournament players–if you’re paying attention you know who I’m talking about. And they had 2 newish people I didn’t recognize.

So they voted for meltdown as usual and the three ran around farming people. Oddly enough they lost, but I think it was because my team actually did some objectives. Nonetheless, a crappy match unless getting multiple stuns until you’re dead is your thing.

Match two, they dropped the newbies on their side and replaced them with veteran players. Again, they vote for meltdown. And again they run around as a mob farming kills. Killing people so frequently that they can’t level, can’t get shards, etc.
Deja vu–the same crap they did for months when there was more of a community. We got it over with and left the queue for around 10 minutes to see if we could get more people and hopefully let them find someone else to farm.

Match 3–no luck. A couple vets join us. The “squad” appears on the other side. 4 of them now with one other veteran player. So the 2 vets who joined us instantly bailed. Apparently they didn’t want to get stomped. Two noobs then join. One of them says “hey guys, just trying to get into pvp”

Great. He asks for advice and I said “try not to ever extend.”

They were unrelenting. They farmed the hell out of us. And the worst part about it was that they rolled those newbies over and over again. The new guy says “overextend? Everywhere I go they jump me.” We couldn’t make it past our supply station.

There’s no excuse for this crap. It’s already a miserable experience for new players. If for some reason your highend league team need practice bursting down characters, go play bots battle. Stop killing off the future of the pc community with your ■■■■■■■■. You’ve done enough already.


I hate five man’s. Going against them sucks. But I can’t say ■■■■ as I usually find myself in one. I try to solo queue, I really do to the point that I never appear online anymore so random people don’t join me or send me invites. However there are 3 or 4 people that I really enjoy playing with and will always invite because we have amazing times together. It just so happens that we are also all top tier players.


Why didn’t you just finish the game?


Bull pucky, I only play with @FlamesForAll except for the match you played against me today, almost always in a five man but I will argue against them especially with me coming back to battleborn occasionally. BECAUSE I KEEP THE PEOPLE ON MY TEAM HONEST, I do not let them go out on massive killing sprees against new players just because they want to. Or if they insist on doing that anyway I tell them that will be the last game I join them for(I actually told someone that is a possibility today as well when they wanted to get uppity about my “rule”.)

The big thing is how much of our talking about being a great community is just hot air and how are we helping to keep a nice Bell curve?(as @FlamesForAll said today. “Either it’s hardcore vets or total new people, there is no middle ground right now”) that’s a huge issue. We NEED to encourage the new people to stay in long enough to get into the swing of things or our community will canabalize itself like the pc population did/is

(By the way I do the same as you about not appearing online)

@Sukeban apologies if this is off your intended topic, I can only imagine how cut throat pc is from my seeing tastes of it.


my friend and I each have a friend that recently got the game within the past week. I knew what my friend would be facing, so I took him into several matches of bots battle, and several matches of quick match before we hit incursion. Mind you, on xb1, there is maybe one five man that could beat the five I would normally put together, and that is only because they exclusively play together and have for quite some time.

That being said, we have been trying to play with one or both of them a few times this past week. Some of the games are a non issue, but a great many of them are plagued with guys literally using bolas, symbiotic, etc. and backdooring the sentry against level 10’s… I guess they have to get their licks in somehow, but that is simply pathetic.


Probably would have if they were low levels.

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The key words being thrown around here are “new players”. I don’t bother farming new players. Just to reiterate my previous comment, the enemy team in my screenshot was comprised of players of level exceeding 100. My moral obligations to withold my fury are diminished under such circumstances, especially when in the heat of the moment @Garrus_Sniper is yelling at me to rek something or I am yelling at him some other random crap and by the end of everything a lot off people die and we all had a great time.

Honestly I was also shocked no one rage quit.


Well, no excuse that makes sense to a balanced, rational person.

As I see it, some players are hyper-competitive to the core. To play less that one’s best would introduce cracks in the doctrine. Thoughts of empathy, the effect on the community at large, these are quiet voices, drowned out by a obsession with never holding back. Sure, they can turn down the volume a little bit to be socially acceptable in mixed company, but the gloves are always ready to come off.

In short, the excuse is: “Not trying my hardest would be fundamentally wrong.”

I often think about players like Jordan and McEnroe – when competitive obsession meets extreme talent, and catapults athletes to fame, it justifies the behavior at all levels. Sometimes reading negative anecdotes about these guys behaving badly – the stuff that doesn’t show up on the back of the Wheaties box – helps me realize the futility in getting angry. They’re nothing if not irredeemably consistent.

I also find myself thinking about Dungeons & Dragons. I knew a guy that would min-max every character he created, frustrating every DM he played with. Half-orcs, half-dragons, stats suitable for demigods… he always had to make sure he had the maximum chance to stomp every combat encounter. Tell him no, he’d still do it, then dare you to ban him from the session.

Eventually, the little D&D college community we had imploded, because of his toxicity, because of his short temper, because he always had to play on his terms, because he couldn’t stand to lose. He scared away enough players that there weren’t enough to run a decent game. Sound familiar?

So, in short, this sort of stuff most likely is going to kill the future of Battleborn on PC. Personally, I’ve decided it’s time to stop worrying and love the bomb.

Dig the thread title, by the way.


The people you are describing are doing a great job of killing the game.
If they are so good than why don’t they play solo or not mic’d to give themselves a challenge?
I at least try to make it fair by basically never using a mic or joining a premade.

Rant complete.


If they are back dooring than at least they are trying to kill the sentry instead of farming kills. When I play low levels on Incursion, I pick Montana just so I can kill the sentry as fast as I can end it as fast as possible. Usually I finish the game in 5 minutes or less.

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If it’s DS, they didn’t use the mics (after they were provided) for most of their tourney matches.

Our team’s goal was to try and force them to use mics. You can see how that went for us. XD

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Quick Nemo, go rek that thing I just pulled in!

No but seriously, the team wasn’t low levels, they were over 100, but deemed it necessary to playthrough to the end of the game. Not a call for surrender either. They played hard as evidence that our team died more than ten times, there was a team wipe where it was just myself alive and I had to pull back, we just had better momentum and push back. There were times I and others on the team were singled out. Alani and Phoebe in particular didn’t appreciate me too much


I’m not necessarily saying those exact people are killing the game but rather people who are already skilled players who only play in a mic’d 5 man premade are hurting BB far more than they realize. A huge skill gap plus a tactical advantage​ equals low player retention.


I’ll put in a word for 5 mans. new players need to learn the game. If they are getting stomped, they need to think about why. When I solo queued, that’s exactly what I did. I soon realized that running solo, you are most likely never going to beat a 5 man pre made. So instead of trying like hell to beat them, I just did my best to focus objectives and not die. I learned when I could engage safely, and when I needed to gtfo. Eventually I stopped being anti social, pre-made teams began inviting me to their parties because they noticed my skill, come to find out there were quite a few people who hated being matched against my Melka, I guess I really got under there skin. I was kind of surprised to find so many people that I once demonized as “evil noob stomping pre mades” were very friendly people who loved playing the game. My friends list is now over flowing with Battleborn players. So new players, take note on what these pre mades are doing, send them msgs, ask for advice, im sure you’ll make new friends and up your game at the same time.


Tha’ts not stomping that’s lterally just farming kills, I find it very had to believe you couldn’t have won the game at least 15 minutes earlier.


Are you implying that you guys tried and couldn’t kill the sentry? The only way to get that many kills in a game is to sit back and try and farm kills, and though they might have been level 100, they obviously don’t know what they are doing. This kind of thing is one of a few reasons why so many people left the game in my opinion.

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Honestly if you are playing solo and think you are not fairly matched just equip a symbiotic guanlet & bola’s target finder and everything becomes really easy.

@Nemosis327 is that your original deande gear or play around gear?

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I will answer for you. Yes that’s his go-to gear. I’ve played with him enough and That’s the gear I use minus the legendary cause it isn’t realistic in a 10 man…

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@loving-hatred then that’s a whole other story and plain rude. Who would use bola’s and symbolic on new people? That should be a criminal offense.

The hardest I ever faced was bola’s and symbiotic with a 5 man squad: Thorn, Orendi, Rath, & Beatrix/Galilea/Alani/Boldur (pick 2 of any). Everything is 1 shot kills like if you were playing overwatch

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Cool! Thanks… what do you use instead of the legendary then? I usually go with that LLC sword w/ shield as secondary gear