[PC] Connectivity problems during open beta


I’ve just filled in the open beta survey, but to be honest connectivity problems prevented me form playing this beta. I’ve tried the beta at about 6 times, but every time the same problem. I would get into a game and after a couple of minutes I get a connection error and I’m back in the menu. The previous beta didn’t have this problem, and also other online games didn’t have problems.

Also I noticed some performance issues at times. It was totally playable (for a couple of minutes ;-)), but seen some frame rate dips the previous beta didn’t have.

Are you aware of the connectivity issues and working on a fix? Because I’m a bit worried to be honest and it’s a bummer I wasn’t able to play the open beta because of these issues.


Is this on PC xbox one or ps4? And when did you receive these connective problems? If it was the initial beginning of beta, everyone had those.

This was on PC and I’ve had these problems every day of the open beta. Every day I’ve tried a couple of times to see if the problem was fixed, but sadly it wasn’t.

Got no clue how to fix a PC, but I hope the BB launch goes well with you guys, and that this doesn’t repeat, do you still know what code came up when it happened? If so, make sure it’s written down, and if it happen’s again, with the same code, or any time, makesure you’re heard buddy!

They seemed pretty random. Tried both story missions in single player and co-op and both had connection errors at random times. Didn’t try the PVP because of these problems.