PC-Console Cross platform can work

So… its been months since I tried to play BB on PC after I left the PS4 community and sadly, I have been beaten by the same premade teams (ice , Fatty etc…) or I’ll wait 30 mins until I give up.

After a while I quit and started playin Gear 4 on PC.
The game is Cross-Platform for XO and PC both in COOP and Versus.
The main reason for this is because GoW4 is based on movement speed rather than pin point accuracy

So I was thinking about BB for a second . if there’s any chance to play with Console players without ruining the balance of the game.
And fact is , it actually doesn’t matter much if you have a mouse or a controller.

Reasons Why , you may ask ? :
1.Not every character is dependent on pin-point accuracy (unlike Over*ock is)
2.some Champions depend on agility and movement (which is suitable for players who use Joystick)
3.None- the less , BB is a MOBA like game, which means skills aren’t everything. you have to think how to win instead of just killing other for higher KD.

Look, as much as this topic is for the sake for PC players mainly, there is no risk of Balance overall.
Plus, PC players will have a higher chance to play with 3-5 players COOP instead of waiting 30 mins for 2 player COOP mission on normal difficulty.

Not to mention 100-150 players (which only 5-10 of them are at lvl max) will not ruin the balance with Marquis pulling Critical shots every second. just kidding XD


Yea, many statements were already made agreeing with this and I agree as well. BB isn’t a twitch shooter and the auto aim on console is pretty strong as well and wouldn’t completely give a disadvantage. We have a couple of people on PC like Anubis that is crazy with a controller and does just as much damage compared to someone that plays on KB&M, so it is possible.

Wait times are pretty brutal right now and mixing both PS4 and PC would be welcoming


There’s actually a few people on ps4 who use a mouse and keyboard. I’d love to see cross-platform though, I don’t think either platform will have an advantage because as you said you don’t need super fast reactions!


The question is … does Gearbox notice these topics or have addressed these idea ?

I wanna say Jythri has made a comment on it once, but I don’t know where.

who’s Jythri ? I am not quite familiar with that name ?

If I remember correctly he’s the Gearbox Community Manager

Jythri is Randy Varnell, the creative director of Battleborn :slight_smile:


Found some posts @Jythri made on the crossplatform-matter a month ago. Here you go:

Here the link to the topic for a full read-up:


You’d need there to be enough people playing this hunk of trash on all platforms for this to even be relevant.

Think there are many players besides PC atm that play hunk-o-trash. Once there is a bigger player base, a good match making system and the f2p trial version I really do believe it will attract a good crowd again. BB is an extremely fun game

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To be fair ps4 has a decent sized community, anecdotally speaking of course

From what I know PS4 supports mouse and keyboard.
So PS4+ PC anytime soon

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pretty much XD…