PC Consolidation Project

From the Reddit:

So last night I changed my Steam download location from Toronto to New York, thinking that if I used a major population centre, I’d get faster matches.

Shockingly, this worked.

My queue times went from 10-20 minutes to almost immediate. Now, this could just be luck, but here’s what figure: your queue is determined by location and defined by MMR. After a set period, the queue broadens its search and incorporates other locales. Can’t do much about MMR, but…

The Proposal:

People in North America use New York as their download location for East Coast, Dallas for Central and LA for West. We keep doing this for a week or so to see if consolidating player activity like this actually speeds up queue times. From there we can sort pings out for ideal connections, since we don’t even really know where the servers are located. Maybe do up a Google Form to track times and connection quality so we can nail down the best locations. (afaik no game has ever had problem with New York, but Chicago might be better than Dallas, Seattle better than LA, etc).

Other areas of the world are welcome and encouraged to do the same, but since I’m less up on Oceanic population centres, y’all’re gonna have to figure that out on your own. EU is easier, but someone from there should pitch ideal locations.

To do this, for those of you who don’t know: Go to Steam Settings > Download, find your region and set it to one of the ones suggested above.