[PC] Controller Snapping Back In Skills Menu

Anyone else having this problem? I am using an Xbox One Wireless controller and it works find in all other menus and in the game itself but for some reason when I am on the Skills screen it is stuck on an icon and if I try to move the left stick it keeps snapping back to that skill icon and i can’t look at the skills nor get up to where I can put points into the tier 1 skills.

Any assistance would be most appreciated.

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also having the same issue with a Xbox One Controller (connected over Bluetooth)
Only way to bring in to work is quickly move the mouse, then its possible to move with the analog sticks again.

I’ve also fixed a issue where the character is moved automaticly after release the left analog stick.
There is a controller option, i think it was called “deadzone”.

I didn’t try to push this function to the limit, but maybe it’s worth a try!

I noticed that skill menu is glitchy, even with mouse. It seems to be affected by where the mouse cursor is located when the menu is opened, at least for me. The map is similar, it wont zoom sometimes unless the mouse is moved over an icon first.

That skills menu and tutorial needs reworking anyway, it’s not clear at all, at least for Fl4k. I even had the tutorial pop up on me again long after my first skill point.

I hope the controller issues in the menus and just menus in general are fixed in the first patch, which looks like won’t happen until sometime later in the week at this point.

It is getting pretty annoying. Heck last night I went to quit the game and it wouldn’t let me go down past Options. Had to go into mouse mode through Controller Companion to quit.

Have had that issue a couple times on ps4 with the dual shock.

I had an issue similar to this. Try moving your mouse to the far upper right corner of the screen.

It seems like the mouse pointer still exists while using a controller, but it’s invisible. For me, the mouse pointer was invisibly hovering over menu items and overriding the controller input. Moving the cursor off of all menu items fixed the issue.