Pc Corrupted save file

While playing my computer had crashed and upon restarting my computer and restarting borderlands my save file was corrupted for my character. Is there any fix to this or no?


Since save files are local, there’s nothing support can do, no. Your best hope is to re-download the cloud version of your last save (assuming this was enabled on your Epic account/launcher).

how do you enable that?

It should be a setting in the Epic launcher/client.

i see it do you know how to look back into further cloud saves instead of the most recent one?

I know nothing about how the Epic cloud sync works. It may only keep a single copy - worth a shot, although it depends on when that copy was made.

Same issue, level 5, 2 hours, 1 crash, corrupt save

So I do have cloud saves enabled and should have a proper save file but I have no idea how to load back to an older save if there is an option for that. Part of the problem may be that upon crashing I was dropping an item to clear space in my inventory for an item of higher quality, I’m not sure if that has anything to do with it not resolving, but I’m posting in the thread with hopes of some feedback. I have since started a new character but that may have been an oversight…

I’m not sure entirely how Epic has this set up since I’m not on that platform at all, but I’ve seen people talk about forcing a sync and being given the choice of which file replaces which. If you can’t immediately figure it out, maybe try Epic support?

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So i have had a bit of luck… In the save folder there was a 1.sav (corrupt file) and a 1.sav~RF29c8d6.TMP file… I renamed the corrupt file to 1.sav.tmp and ten renamed the other to 1.sav. I also did a back up prior just in case. but the name change fixed my issue… .I don’t know if i was just lucky enough or if this is a feature… good luck to you all.


same problem here i think they dont set the Cloud for any reason at start i missing lvl 15 toon, so i really salty with that but, go to Horde mode u can pl easy and take toon(about 300k+ if u finish) nice money and nice weapons now i have lvl 18 full geared is a pain but is the best option, then go coop campaing and leave and then start ur campaing at ur lvl what u miss

PD:-Now cloud work but… Remember to leave game every few hours for a cloud save, till they fix or so, all Errors/crashes i take was on Coop game

This worked for me too! Thank you


Thank you!
This worked for me, my girlfriends save was just corrupted and luckly this fix worked for it, already pumped 15-20 hours of gameplay into it so was worried we’d lost it! TYSM!

As a side note - to find the save go to the directory in the image, it will have an obnoxiously long name but the files should be in there! image


Also encountered this, and was helped by this!

Thanks so much for sharing, thought I lost ~20 hours of progress but this fix worked :^)


renaming the files didnt work for me they werent even shown as corrupt in their directory has anybody found something that actually works for this past renaming??


You just saved my ass. Thanks from the bottom of my heart .

anybody knows how to reload a cloud file?

If no TMP files is in our files what we should do ? i just have this in my saves files :confused:


You’re a true hero! You saved me a lot of work, THANKS!!!

Renaming file extension worked. Thanks.