PC Crash with original BL1 and remastered

In short my whole pc becomes unresponsive, my screen changes to a single color, at the moment it likes to be a light beige. Sometimes I can still hear my buddies in teamspeak but trying to close the game is useless and need to forcefully shutdown my pc.

It is easier to say my entire pc crashes thanks to the game or rather since the original BL1 and that nearly consistently in a short time. It is also somehow affecting all my other games like BL2 / TPS. An example would also be Warframe. I downloaded old BL1 today and got the same kinda crash 3 times in a hour in Warframe that I used to get in BL1 which was gone after I uninstalled BL1 + ran short DirectX9 driver folder from Warframe and it found some files to copy instead of saying it is on newest version. Not entirely sure if that fixed it completely but I guess BL1 did something with my graphic card perhaps.

-Win 10 pro
-cpu: I5 3550
-gpu: GTX 660 TI
-ram: 8gb ddr3 1337mhz
-normal 1920x1080 60hz monitor.
Planning to get new gpu in few months. Usually I have always the newest drivers.

Are there any kind of crash logs I could provide? I never really found a solid solution for that by googling which I tried desperately back then as my buddies tried to do a 100% run.