PC crashes after Claptrap Intro


as many other Players i cant even play the game. When i start the game i can get it to the claptrap intro but after he walks throught the screen for 2-3 times my PC completly crashs. I have done serveral things: GPU driver update, Bios update… For me the fix changing the file “gameusersettings” to dx11 also doesnt work because my list is empty.

Please help me… I just wanna play the game


I have the same problem. As soon as claptrap appears in the intro my pc turns off.
Just shutsdown.
I’ve updated bios/drivers, clean install of amd gfx drivers, turned off AV, verified game content in epic launcher. I don’t get to edit any ini files for DX11 as none get populated because it crashes.
I don’t know what else to try.
(I have no other problem with any other game - but a dancing claptrap and its all over)
I submitted a ticket to gearbox.
(MSI b450 motherboard, Ryzen5 2600, 16gb ram, Vega56)

Possible fix
Having read issues with sound cards I looked under sound in the control panel.
(I don’t have a designated soundcard)
I disabled the speakers in my monitor from the list, and reconfigured ‘speakers’ (realtek audio).
The game now loads - “YOU OWE ME A VOUCHER GEARBOX” - Hours and hours wasted…

And now for the rest of the bugs :wink:

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what exactly did you disable? please describe

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(I’d updated my motherboards sound drivers as part of the driver updates to try and get thinks working)
In windows 10, if you go into the control panel, go into ‘sound’
on the playback tab you have a list of possible devices.
I had 2 active devices, I disabled the one I wasn’t using, (in this case my monitors speakers).
Highlighted the remaining device (should be default) (in my case it was just called speakers) and clicked on the configure button.
And went through the wizard like steps.
From other posts it appears the built in motherboard audio jacks work ok???

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nothing changed for me…