PC crashes and restarts after Claptrap loading screen

Title says my problem.
I had played the game for 5 hours without problems. I even restarted the game in between. When I wanted to boot the game once again, it literally crashed every time. I searched the internet for solutions. I reinstalled the game. The game booted up normally. The following day, I wanted to play again, and the crash restart happened again, every time from now on.
Saw some guy proposing to delete the exe and verify file integrity. That worked two times. So, I was able to accumulate 15 hours play time. Now, not even deleting the exe and verifying files work anymore.
Any ideas please?

When the game first launched this used to happen to me frequently but given that the game is over a year old I’d be surprised if you’re having the same issue as I did.

The solution for me was to switch from full screen to window borderless. But since you can’t even get to the title screen you’ll need to use a tool like nvidia’s Gforce Experience or whatever the AMD equivalent is. Those tools give you the ability to tweak the game’s graphic settings including the window mode.

Good luck!

3 days ago, a new AMD GPU driver came out. I installed it and suddenly the game started, even regularly. I have played numerous times, and restarted the game numerous times. However, a moment ago, the problem reappeared and now it is persistent again. What even is this? This is absurd.