[PC] Crashing upon trying to enter Frostburn Canyon

As Zero, I’ve been trying to enter Frostburn Canyon to move on with the story. But No matter what I do, it crashes during the loading screen. I have validated the steam files, but that didn’t fix it. I tried turning off background stuff that could be hogging the gpu. Everything else is fine, just not Frostburn.

Is this teleporting or walking in?

Walking in from Three Horns.

Also, for some reason, whenever I boot up BL2 it defaults to one specific toon regardless of my last played toon.

Looking at the errors its looking for a file it cant find, I’ll bet its the map for that area. If that is true the only way I know of fixing that is to reinstall the game, or copy someone elses map for that location. I think I would reinstall the game. something must have corrupted the file. Have you received any BSOD while playing?

Seeing you are having other errors as well, I would reinstall the game again.

Weird, it was working fine earlier. Hasven’t had any BSODs or such.

I’ll try a full reinstall. Ofc I’ll back up my saves, lol.

Also I would run the windows check disk first to make sure the files and sectors are sound as that could be why your having issues.