[PC] CRASHleborn, the Crashening!

My game will randomly crash in some areas, while crashing all the time in other places. Most of the time, the game just closes, no errors or anything. Other times I do get an error window. I managed to screenshot the last one with an error message.

The game ALWAYS closes/crashes on the mission complete screen. It always crashes at the 3rd phase of the Geoff fight.

I do have an older PC, but the thing is, I NEVER had any crashes in the CTT.

A mention of changing the DEP settings to windows only things was mentioned, so I will give that a go and report back on findings.

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Yup, still crashing.

Never know when, how, or if it gives me a fatal error or not :frowning: Even with DEP settings changed. Gonna have to give up testing.


Don’t feel down, i crash almost any and every time i play, i get maybe one rarely 2 games in.

Radeon 390
Intel 3470 Quad-core
2540x1440, 60Hz
16.3.2 (most current)
Windows 7 Pro

I get these too. Half the time I launch the game it either wont start right, or will only last about 15 mins before “fatal error”. Most playtime I have in one session is 58 mins.

R9 m275x
8gb ram
windows 10

Im sick of trying over and over to play this game. Its fun and I want it to work, but its just not worth it to keep launching it over and over to have it crash, and then when it does work, stutter so much that its hardly playable.