[PC] Didn't Receive Multiverse Skins (Super Deluxe Edition / EPIC)

Just logged in to see I should get these new skins but they are nowhere in my inventory. Please fix this, I see people already using these skins.


Same here

Same problem. Got only Super Deluxe Edition on Epic Games Store (Russia) and i don’t get skins for free. In store i can see those skins for sale, but can’t buy 'em coz when you click on 'em, EGS throws me back on game store page.
A friend of mine got Super Deluxe Edition on STEAM and she received those skins.

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Same edition and platform; same problem.

I’ve got the season 1 pass and recently bought, downloaded and applied the designer’s cut dlc. I’m not seeing the skins either. This is ■■■■■■■■.

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I have the same Issue.
I received the mail in my social inbox, accepted it, the mail disappeared but the skins did not unlock. I might have clicked on the mail before the new hot fixes were applied, I re-started the game but there are still no skins and the mail is gone.
(I also own the super deluxe edition.)
Please help!

Me too. Epic super deluxe no skins. Guess we who purchased day one on Epic dont deserve support…

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Well looks like they are aware of it on twitter, not sure why Noone has posted on the forums in the threads or known issues about it. Not everyone uses twittwat all day or facebook. :frowning:
Guess now is the waiting game.