PC Early Access Patch (Build ID #4233443)


The past few weeks we have been watching the feedback from Skills 2.0 and we’re so excited with the reception of the update! Overall we’re happy with the balance and design of the content we included, but we reduced health regen too much. This patch includes changes to health regen, a few items updates, some slight changes to Survivors, QOL updates and bug fixes.

We will be doing another Dev Thoughts in a week or two going into detail on more future content plans and console updates.

=== Gameplay Changes ===

  • Health Regeneration

    • Increase Player’s Health Regeneration by +66% in Rainstorm difficulty.
    • Increase Drone Health Regeneration by +150% in ALL difficulties
      • All these regeneration changes have been highly confusing and affecting difficulty too drastically – as a summary, Drizzle and Monsoon are the same as Skills 2.0 Release, while Rainstorm is now a bit easier.
  • Items

    • Monster Tooth
      • Heal: 6 ⇒ 8
        • Now that we’re encouraging players to value healing items more, the healing items themselves should be a bit more decent
    • H3AD-5T v2
      • Now activates by holding “Use” (E key by default)
      • Improve consistency of bonus falling damage
      • Now shows little lights when ready
    • Commando
      • Frag Grenade
        • Animation Duration: 1s ⇒ 0.5s
        • Can now interrupt your other abilities
    • MUL-T
      • Power-Saw
        • Improve vacuum effect to pull towards enemies
    • Artificer
      • Plasma Bolt
        • Update proc coefficient, travel speed, and fire rate to match Flame Bolt
    • Engineer
      • Carbonizer Turret
        • Walk Speed: 6 ⇒ 7
        • Now scales laser tick rate with attack speed

=== QOL ===

  • Add details to difficulty text to show what actually changes between Drizzle, Rainstorm, and Monsoon.
  • Update a few of our internal workings to better help modders
  • Update ‘Warm For Life’ challenge text to be more clear
  • Pre-Game Lobby now properly shakes physics objects around

=== Bug Fixes ===

  • Fix Quickplay matches only filling up to 3/4
  • Fix Loader’s “Swing By” challenge using 25 real-time minutes instead of the in-game timer
  • Fix ‘Keyed Up’ challenge no longer unlocking
  • Fix Alloy Worship Unit preventing you from activating the teleporter
  • Fix ‘VFX Culling Bias’ not saving when closing the game
  • Fix ‘Warm For Life’ challenge not displaying the correct value when in progress
  • Fix Equipment Drone not firing their equipment
  • Dying while traveling in Volcanic Egg and Eccentric Vase no longer causes you to pop out the other end alive
  • Fix flying AI wandering towards the ground
  • Fix the character select always showing Commando skills when restarting a run
  • Fix Clay Dunestrider’s Tarball attack not networking its position correctly
  • Fix MUL-T’s buzzsaw caching attack speed and crit chance on starting the attack
  • Fix Preon Accumulator and Fuel Array sometimes missing in multiplayer
  • Lemurians no longer sprint if very far away
  • Fix Loader disappearing when ragdolling
  • Fix Loader’s wrists spinning around during certain animations
  • Fix melee characters being able to infinitely strike ragdolled players
  • Add missing Korean characters
  • Fixed a variety of typos