[PC] El Dragón - Text Encoding Error in Description (ó)

Small error in one of El Dragón’s descriptions (I circled it):

I’m guessing there was an encoding error with the text, because it turned ó into ó lmfao.

(My computer has English localization for Windows 7.)

Confirming the same on PC here. OS Windows 10 with default English libraries.

Has anyone looked it up on consoles?

I do not have either of the consoles to check on that, unfortunately.

…I hope the devs are actually reading all these bug reports I’ve been posting. They really didn’t want them apparently back in the “Closed Beta” (or as they called it, the “Closed Technical Test”) even though I posted them anyways lol, but I have yet to see even a single moderator post in any of these “Bug Report” threads…

Regardless, if anyone can confirm that this issue is present on other platforms, I will amend the thread title’s platform tags to reflect that!
It would also be nice if anyone why had a non-English default Windows Localization could check this as well, especially someone with an Español (Spanish) Local, as I think this is most likely a text encoding failure! n.nU