[PC] Environmental collisions. (video!)

I’ve seen a lot of comments about people having issues with the collision in Battleborn. Some complain about their attacks getting blocked by allies, some complain about other players or minions blocking their movement. Frankly, I’m not troubled much by either of those – as a guy who mained Montana in the beta, for the record: entity collision doesn’t bother me.

Getting caught on the environment, however, seems an incredibly common thing in Battleborn. It feels like our characters treat every minor piece of geometry in the game as a sharp, insurmountable obstacle, with little ability to slide around or over them as a part of natural character movement. While entity collision can be worked around with better awareness and the simple ability to kill stuff in your way, getting suddenly immobilized by running your foot into a miniscule piece of geometry is nearly impossible to counteract in play. Clever players have taken to jumping before using many of their skills to prevent them catching on a nearby object, but that certainly shouldn’t be necessary.

This is a short video cobbled together from two different story mode missions that I’d recorded parts of during the beta. One clip as Caldarius that nicely shows a dash ability being cut short by a trivial environmental collision, the other a snippet of Attikus walking around at the end of Void’s Edge, in which my movement is halted by 4 separate minor pieces of geometry within a 30 second span. It’s worth noting that in neither of these was I actively seeking out environmental collisions: I re-enter the circle at the end to try and verify what was happening, but otherwise this is pulled from ordinary gameplay, captioned after the fact.

I don’t know what kind of work is required to sort this out, and I’ll just say that I know a week out from release you Gearbox guys are undoubtedly working your asses off to polish up all sorts of features. But our characters need the ability to naturally traverse two-inch-high obstacles without halting in our tracks, and I only hope there’s time to do a pass to improve this issue before release.