[PC] ESL/GosuGamers Battleborn

Hi All,

What do you think about add Battleborn to ESL/GosuGamers ?

I think ESL and Gosugamers are both website really active around the new esport games like Overwatch (last added on both website). I talked with an ESL admin and they think at this moment about add or not add Battleborn to the roster of ESL Competition Website.

Say me what do you think about this idea ?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Add your +1 on this topic : http://forum.eslgaming.com/discussion/20052/add-battleborn-developed-by-gearbox-software-to-be-published-by-2k#latest


Iwould be super excited about it if they added an ESL for both PC and PS4.

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An ESL admin said me if we got so lot “+1” the game will be add so go add your comment : http://forum.eslgaming.com/discussion/20052/add-battleborn-developed-by-gearbox-software-to-be-published-by-2k#latest

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Time to shine

this game is well balanced so we definitely need this :slight_smile:

i think it should be pinned, so people would notice and vote

nice idea, we need more vote on ESL vote :slight_smile: