[PC] extremely poor performance on PC

I get extremely low frame rates on the PC version, up to twenty and as low as 1FPS, both in the main menu and it persists into the gameplay which is literally unplayable.

reddit thread with more people having similar issues with an array of hardware configurations.

I have found no setting in the graphics options which affects this including frame rate cap, Vsync and windowing mode, changing resolution on details does not improve this and the GPU and CPU usage is very minimal, less than 30% on the CPU for the entire system and ~1% on the GPU and it is using 800MB of my 8GB RAM.

  • GTX 970
  • i5-4590
  • 8GB RAM
  • Windows 10 Pro
  • 364.72 driver.

EDIT: I found that it was being caused by being connected to the internet via a USB connection. Connecting via ethernet fixed it for me.