[PC] Free guidance for a new player!

Considering there are quite a number of new players that got Battleborn for Christmas I thought about being a guide for our newbies. I’m doing this especially because I know a lot of new players want to straight up jump into PvP and I want to prevent them from getting stomped and lose their fun about the game.

Are you one of the new players and are you in need of help with anything? All you have to do is reply to this thread with your Steam name. Whoever replies first on this thread has the opportunity to be my “apprentice” for the next few days. As an apprentice you can enjoy the following stuff:

  • I will give you a general look around the game

  • I will give you tips regarding gear, challenges, characters or whatever you like

  • I will answer as many questions as I can or provide you helpful links if I cannot answer them

  • I will help you with the character specific lore challenges (for example play 5 games with such and such character on your team)

  • I will help you play through the PvE campaign

  • Plus, if you wish, I will team up with you for some PvP action once all the other stuff is done

If that sounds interesting to you, feel free to add me on Steam (my Steam name is Lex) although it’s probably easier if I add you because there are like 20000000 people called Lex out there.

Also, I’m encouraging my veteran Battleborn friends to help new players in whatever way as well. We might be able to contribute to an increasing playerbase if we all work together. And this game really does deserve a playerbase, I don’t think I need to go on how awesome this game is in my opinion.

Hope you all had a great couple of days over Christmas and may the new players stick around!


Nice post, I’ll also offer some help then if you don’t mind. I know a lot of the veteran players wanted to get together and make a casual 10 man (private match) for PC to help teach players about drafting and how to play the PvP modes.
Discord: https://discord.gg/j724N

We have a nice group of players to casual- people still learning the game and vets that know the ins and outs of the game that are willing to help if needed. There are a couple of us that stream regular and stream 10 man events as well.

Hey, nice I dea. As a matter of fact adding [helluva] ppl to friends was my idea on how to stop 5 man premades whining, but mentoring sounds nice too. Well, I’m not a frequent Bb player, nor an expert, but if anyone need some info on basics I could come up with something useful too. And I constantly lack cooplayers so I’m in for some games.
Oh, and if anyone wants to add me, gotta guess my steam name :wink: