[PC] Game crash

First time through Algorithm, as Thorn activating F on ISIC boss’s last leg weakpoint, game crashed. Screen froze, last second of sound repeating on a loop, had to blindly cmd taskkill to get out.

Edit: should have posted basic specs: intel i7, 2xRadeon 6900, 24 GB RAM, xFi sound

I had this start happening after yesterday’s patch at the exact same point (right as the skull would spawn)

Switching from FULLSCREEN to BORDERLESS WINDOW mode stops the crashes for me.

see my previous post on the same topic:

Sounds like a similar problem. I haven’t attempted to replicate yet, and this was from my first time playing so no idea how the update would have affected me.

Crashed again, this time in borderless window.

Again, right when the skull would spawn.

After OK, it dumped to the desktop.

For the record, I’ve played Borderlands 1 & 2 plus DLC solo & online without any crashes on this machine, also Mass Effect 1, 2, 3 & co-op (also Unreal engine as well as running their editor and various messing around).

For those of you crashing,

Would it be possible to get copies of your logs, dumps, and DXdiags so the team can investigate?


I put them all in a ZIP but it won’t let me attach it to this post because only JPG or GIF are allowed and when I give it a fake extension it says the ‘pic’ is corrupted.

Do you have an email I can send it to?

zip sent to your email

Got it, thanks! I’ll forward it on ASAP.