[PC] Game starts running, then closes

The moment I press the play button Steam says the Battleborn Open Beta is running only to have it close even before it opened.

Well I have the same problem.

Yeah, I took me a few tries, restarts of steam, and persistence, and it’s okay now.

I FIXED IT!!! There is probaply a data in your system 32 file missing. It’s the MSVCR110.dll data and it’s needed for many games. Just google MSVCR110.dll missing and you will have a lot of videos that explain how to fix the problem.

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I downloaded the file and it seems like it didn’t fix anything. Gonna try doing what Psychichazard suggested and just keep trying and restarting until it works.

I have the same problem…

after 10 secs or so: crash to desktop.

Still trying. It still says “Running” and next second it doesn’t. Game hasn’t opened up yet.