[PC][H]A ton of end game items[W]A few choice items 11.26

This spreadsheet includes the items I have and the items I want. You can access both lists via the tab at the bottom. Please let me know if you are interested in trading for any of these items. If you do not have any of the items I am looking for, I would be happy to look at your trade inventory. Please post here if there is an item you are interested in.

Hi there!

I’ve got a 125% Splash Damage on Action Skill End Shock Everblast ++ if that would suit your needs.

I’m interested in your Self-Terror Facepuncher or Cutpurse Deathless

Thanks in advance

Anything else you after? I have a cryo lucians with 50% shock on ASE, would be interested in the spiritual driver, also have a corrosive faiser with the new consecutive hits anointment

Tackyellow can you show me a picture, please?

Knivz I am up for trading items that aren’t on my list. However, I can’t use either of those. If you want to share some other items you have for trade, I would be more than happy to check them out.

Rad Pestilence with 20% rad damage on ASE, Maggie with Auto Bear 8% ammo regen, Fire laser sploder with 50% schock on next 2 mags, firestorm w/ reduced damage taken based on terror, stop gap with 20% CD reduction on AS on ASE, a trick unforgiven with 432% crit, and a Shock redistributor with 250% WD on phasecast, anything here for the driver?

Ohh an a phasezerker with Weapon and sniper rifle dmg

Here’s the weapon card
And showing the MIRV and Homing parts

I have a Molten Ferocious / Annexed Lyuda (+mag size / +2x bullets) with +100% weapon damage on Action Skill end for an anointed Cloud Kill SMG…

tackyellow I am fine with that trade. What is your Epic name?

altripperalyssa I don’t need that right now. Sorry.

What’s yours?


I put it in the mail. Thank you!

Hello! I have transformers with all elements on ase if you are interested :slight_smile:

I am interested! What are you looking for?

I am mainly looking for r4k p4ks, but looking at your list you also don’t have any as well. I would be willing to trade all 5 for your:

  • Spiritual Driver
  • Kybs worth with 50% shock on 2 mags
  • Maggie with 100% damage ase
  • Maggie with 300% on phaseslam
  • Maggie with 50% cryo on sntnl
    Let me know if that’s good for you as well :slight_smile:

That works for me. What is your Epic name?

I’m Emmettj4 on Epic :slight_smile:

OK, we are already friends. I will drop you the items later via mail. If you could share your trade list, I would definitely be interested in looking at your other trade items.