{PC} Help getting Woodsworn Lore challenge with Boldur

Hello fellow Eldrid! I need help getting Boldur’s lore challenge, where you need a full team of Eldrid. Would anyone being willing to help a bruv out?

What system are you on?

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PC, Steam version (if its on anything else)

It’s not. I’d be willing to help as long as you help me get it as well. Here’s my Steam profile. I don’t use the in-game VoiP because of my connection, but I do have a Discord server setup I can pm you a link to later on.

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Moved to the PC Co-op section.


Darn, good luck then.

A Proud XB1 Peasant :wink:

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If anyone here has the PC version, any time after 1PM PST tomorrow (Friday) I will be willing to help folks out with their “needing X player” Lore stuff, just add me on steam, and leave a comment or message me saying your from here, and wanna do BB Lore stuff

I can bring one other Eldrid player, so if you can find two others, I still need the one for Boldur and a full Eldrid party.

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I am online now, so if anyone wants to help or wants help, uhhhh, yeah.

http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198001649379 Add me pls I’ll help with it if you guys help me I have all the eldrich characters unlocked.

We already have it unlocked, but I’m willing to help you if you can find 2 or 3 others. I might be able to bring in one or two other Eldrid depending on when you’re available to play.

Anybody still need help with this? We could just be a team of 5 Boldurs and get it over with.

I am also looking to compete this on PC as well as others. If anyone wants to work on some of them, add me. http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197967974020/