[PC] HUD and menus bugged in NVIDIA Surround

Ok, so to start off I am playing the PC beta, and when I launched the game it defaulted to 5760*1080 which is the resolution I have set up using NVIDIA surround. The game runs at a great FPS for me… but it appears to have a few HUD and MENU issues that I cannot seem to remedy.

To begin with despite the HUD boundaries being set to my center monitor the hud is placed on the outskirts of my side monitors… I can live with that, BUT when I try to level an ability that menu is… shall we say almost impossible to use. Not only is it stretched horizontally x3 but also vertically x3, and therein lies the dilemma… I do have a few screenshots showing this, but rather than try to upload the screenshots to here, i have made an imgur album to easy their viewing as they are a wider resolution that most are used to.

Any ideas of what I can do to fix this? My biggest concern is that I know i still have this issue with both borderlands and borderlands 2, but I can fix those with a few programs that as far as I can tell inject an overwrite of the display settings, but I fear to try doing that with this game as I dont want to inject something into the written memory of the game and get flagged for cheating.

Thoughts? Ideas? help please.

EDIT: Just realized I should probably include some system information… Windows 7 professional 64bit SP1, i7 2600K, 16GB DDR3, SLI 780TI. Please let me know if you require any other information.

Just came here to start a post about this - I really hope they fix this. They had menu issues with Borderlands and it had to be fixed by an external source because you had to switch to a single screen resolution to select characters etc. At tleast this seems a little better, except they need to centre the HUD and fix the scaling for the leveling screen etc.

Please fix :slight_smile:

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