(PC) In game Video Bug- Mission Not letting me progess


I have trying to replay BDL3 from the beginning again with my level 57 Fl4k. My character goes into Shiv’s chamber and in order to open the door into pandora my character has to watch the monitor. But after Lilith presses the button to view the video from mouthpiece. Nothing happens the monitors are just blank and Lilith is soft locked and i can’t progress the game.

I have uninstalled, reinstalled, verified, check windows media player is up to date and is on the current 1909 build. Nothing is happening and its making me upset as i am huge fan of Borderlands and i hate to have this negative experience.

My current rig is i7-6700k, 16 gigs of Ram, with a RTX 2070 super.

Please help.


Scratch that i fixed it on my own… I just updated my machine from windows 1909 to windows 2004