[PC] Interested in competitive/organized play? Come on in!

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Hey guys!
As some of you guys already know, we have a Steam group called “Battleborn pickup” that used to run games regularly everyday. In these games, we have ten players randomly placed in two teams in which teams will take turns banning and picking heroes. The games are a lot of fun and this group has a lot of great characters and personalities. It is a friendly environment and people of any skill level are welcome to join. We are open to newbies and veterans alike as everyone is a vital part of this group’s success.

Just a day ago, Helix Gamers hosted their second tournament in which four teams joined. What surprised me was that everyone who participated in this tournament were originally from the Steam group! My friend Gamblinpriest opened my eyes yesterday and made me realize that the competitive scene of this game is in its infant stages and its growth lies solely on us. That is why I welcome everyone who is willing to play and have fun to join our group! Our community is as small and tight knit as it could possibly be at the moment and I believe inviting them to our group is the best way to solidify a good player base. The game isn’t as healthy as we would all like it to be at the moment and I think this group would be great for those who are in need of that “Battleborn fix”.

Due to our small group, the interest in ten man games has dwindled a bit and hasn’t been running as regularly. Before, people would be waiting to get in on the action! New blood would help spur these games again and even help grow the competitive scene. And like I said before, this group has a lot of great personalities and would love to give tips and pointers to newer players. We love the game and invite all of those who also love the game to come together to bring this game to life.

You can join our steam group here: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/BBPUG
This is the Discord channel in which the games take place: https://discord.gg/VZrqU
You can add me here if you have any questions: http://steamcommunity.com/id/samwhoa102/

Thanks for reading and have a great 4th of July!
Tl;dr - join group, play 10 mans