[PC]Internet issue exits game to menu

Since the most recent (cross-play) update; if I have any disconnects or issues with my internet, the game will eventually exit back to the main menu.

Many times, when this happens (all?) the menu will cycle/reload and never display the menu text allowing me to quit/exit the game.

The ONLY resolution is ALT+F4.

Anyone else experience this?
Is there any fix/patch; other than downgrading to previous version? I would like to play with Epic & Steam players.

PC plays BL3, NMS & Fallout 76 without issue and the pre-updated BL2 played just fine.

I do notice that when the Internet drops, the game legit freezes for several seconds: same when the Internet returns.

Odd for solo play. :confused:

Thanks. YES, that freeze for 3 - 5 seconds while the game does whatever, is super annoying and if after a few minutes (2 - 3) you don’t get your Internet back; that’s when I get sent back to the main menu.

I’m trying to 100% it in Steam so I’ve been playing a lot lately.