[PC] ISAC is cheating!

I’m not sure what the deal was exactly but I was playing with Shayne and Aurox (first time). Things were going well until I reached the giant drill room where you have to fight the ice golems/creatures. The boss one was immune half the time to my attacks and his minions would become immune suddenly sometimes.

Then the ice golems in the next room were immune forever! Took me a long time to kill them. I almost gave up and just ran through.

Finally reaching ISAC, I was glad the fight was almost over because it was taking entirely too long. Then ISAC was immune and that fight lasted way too long! On top of it, ISAC tried to jump on me and twice landed outside of the wall where I could not get to him.

Over all I was in that one match for 40 minutes! IT seemed like it was mostly my throw that they were immune to, but boy was that annoying. I don’t know if it helps, but here is the match ID it gave me at the end of the battle:

I dont think this is a bug, Unless you were getting ‘immune’ from their weak spots.

The ice golems chest is the only points where they take damage.
ISAC’s legs/core are the only spots he takes damage until his bot disappears

Use your boomerangs more.

That said, the algorithm is a terrible level, and with as many melees as are in the game it needs a total rework before launch.

Shayne and Aurox’s grab attack doesn’t work on most bosses, only dealing damage and making Aurox give them a hug for a second or two. Most bosses will also be immune to the knockup of their ult.

That said, both Galactic Emperor and ISIC Magnus operate on weakspot mechanics that make it nearly impossible to damage them with melee because their weakspots are high off the ground. Luckily, if an AoE is over their weakspot, they will still take damage from it. The same is the case for the Frigid Guardians, but those shouldn’t have been immune to your grab or knockup. Frigid Guardians and the Galactic Emperor also can both “armor” themselves, taking greatly reduced damage to their weakspot until their armor is broken. The pull may apply damage to the entire body, making them immune to damage from it.

Furthermore, a solo play of a mission will usually take 30 minutes to an hour, depending on the character you’re using and their damage output. A 40 minute match is not unusual. With a team it can be brought down to 20 minutes or so, but you shouldn’t expect that when alone. ISIC Magnus has a massive healthpool that has to be whittled down slowly, and in exchange for that most of his attacks are relatively weak.

ISIC does have a bug where, if you’re too close to a wall when he does his leaping tackle, he will exit the arena. That much is true. The best option currently is to avoid getting too close to the edge of the arena (this also makes it easy to dodge most of his attacks, except for his charge attack that deals minimal damage and his shockwave that launches you for so long that by the time you fall back down your shields will have recharged).

Thx for the replies. By throw, I mean the boomarang, which I used a ton on the golems and ISAC (as stated… melee was no good against his legs). I was getting the IMMUNE message a lot while throwing the boomerang at him… same for the ice golems but not quite as often.

I think that the problem might be the hitbox of the boomerang being too large (since it is one of the larger attack projectiles in the game), and hitting other parts of the boss/guardian before hitting their weakpoint. I’m not sure how that would work, but it is a possibility. I’ve also found that ISIC Magnus’ leg hitboxes are sometimes a little dodgy, and even if it looks like I’m hitting them, sometimes I get “IMMUNE”. This would likely be much more irritating with the boomerang, as it can’t be rapid fired like most weapons in the game, so getting “IMMUNE” on even one shot lowers your damage output significantly.

Both ISIC Magnus and Galactic Emperor really need a change so that melee is viable against them. And ISIC Magnus also should have his hitboxes checked a little. You shouldn’t fail a mission because you chose to solo with a melee character.

If you hold the trigger, it fires repeatedly. I don’t know how long it can keep firing for, but it seemed as long or longer than a full clip from Oscar Mike.

Doesn’t it have a bit of a travel time, and you can only fire 1 at once? I know that holding the trigger fires it repeatedly, but if memory serves me right, it has a much lower fire rate than most weapons. It can keep going indefinitely, like other weapons without a clip, such as ISIC’s charge cannon. I’m just saying that, since it has such a low fire rate, missing a shot has a much bigger effect on the player’s damage output.

It didn’t seem that slow to me - it kept up a pretty steady pace, maybe 2/s? (This is totally from memory of course, so take with a pinch of salt.) Even if the fire rate is a bit lower, that doesn’t matter if the damage per projectile is higher. Unfortunately we’ll have to wait a while to clarify that issue.

I get your point about missing one shot; if you’re going to miss one boomerang shot, though, isn’t there are chance that you’d miss two or more shots from an assault rifle?

Yeah. You’re actually losing the same DPS to the hitbox wonkiness, but it feels like you’re losing more. And of course, there are some hitscan (or at least extremely fast) projectiles in the game that seem to have to deal with the hitbox problem less. It’s definitely felt with characters like ISIC (outside of Omega Strike) and Shayne and Aurox more than, say, OM. Could just be that it isn’t even a bug, but that travel time weapons have a tendency to miss the hitboxes as the enemy weak spot moves.

That might well be it, combined with whatever the accuracy stats are for these things. That would make soloing ISIC in the first story mission using S&A a real pain at the end, when ISIC’s head starts flying around. (Reminds me of the four kings fight in BL2/TTAoDK.)

Well, at least his head is huge, instead of those tiny little nightmares. They really need to look at the ISIC fight in general, since some more melee-focused characters (I consider S&A melee focused, even though they have a ranged attack) can really struggle with it. I lost my first run of that mission at the ISIC fight because I was soloing with Rath. BAAAAD plan. Went in with Miko afterwards and it was fine, but that first run was agony.