[PC] ISIC crash near/at end - unable to initialize memory subsystem

PC win 8.1 4770k 16G of RAM MSI z87 integrated sound, integrated gfx

I’ve done this mission several times and it worked fine yesterday.

I was playing Oriendi for the first time, somebody else had Oscar Mike but I don’t remember everyone.

Just a few mins ago it hung right as we killed ISIC (public story mode 5 players) - edit = it crashes right as the flying skull spawns from the body

The screen froze.

The action sound hung in a short 1 loop but the music kept playing normally.

caps lock & num lock on keyboard still worked.

CTRL-ALT-DEL would bring up task manager but when you tried to select things it would snap back to the in game gear management screen but nothing worked.

Playing with ALT-TAB & holding keys and the left mouse button down I was able to see the Battleborn taskbar item and right clicking and holding the mouse button down displayed an Unable to Initialize Memory Subsystem error in 5 or 6 languages.

I was unable to close the Battleborn task but it didn’t say ‘not responding’ in the task manager.

I ended up using the windows reset menu item which worked because every time I let go of the keys or mouse it would snap back to the in game gear management screen.

Followup 1 - after I rebooted it gave me XP for Orendi & new gear from the mission that crashed

followup 2 - it didn’t save my Galilea unlock for killing minions

followup 3 - it crashed again with a different character at the same point but a different error - this time I was able to CTRL-ALT-DEL and get to desktop. It all worked yesterday & Void’s Edge still works today. I didn’t change any settings. I did notice I had a level up on the frozen crash screen. pic of this crash attached with EXIF removed

followup 4 - it gave me gear & xp again after rebooting

followup 5 - it doesn’t crash in borderless window (worse FPS) but does crash in fullscreen (it worked in fullscreen before the update)