[PC] Jump pad glitch in The Sentinel story

I’ve been stuck in one specific place in the sentinel mission. The jump pad just before Guardian Vyn is never landing me on the other side properly. It starts lagging midway through the jump, there’s a sound like my character just hit something and I fall to my death. I’ve tried it on multiple characters, multiple times but it keeps happening and I can’t get through.

Anybody else has that bug? Any signs of it getting fixed?

First time I’ve heard of it. What does the game show your connection status as? It seems more likely to be a connection to server issue than an actual bug in the game.

Not a connection issue. I have no trouble anywhere else on the map or in the game. Besides, it’s consistently happening at the exact same location each time, it has nothing to do with connection issues.

Also, as for precedents: Jump Pad Glitch? (Not completing jump)

Also, sometimes happens bug with Sentinel - after 1st crystal he stuck in platform. You can’t attack it - immune. And it just stay and watch to u.

Different bug entirely. That bug happens when you destroy the shards while the Sentinel is in mid-air. The bug the OP is referring to concerns the jump pads not delivering him to the proper location (I’ve heard of it happening to a couple people before, but not repeatedly; personally, I think it’s a desync thing, which can happen even with a stellar connection).

A friend I play with gets this bug every time he plays Sentinel. He has FPS issues with his videocard, and it seems that the physics of Battleborn will exhibit errors during dips in framerate.

He gets around it by immediately looking straight down after taking the jump pad. There’s less stuff being rendered beneath your feet, but stuff in and around the sky area is notorious for screwing up framerates, for some reason. Some say it has to do with haze or fog effects, but I imagine only the graphics programmers know for sure.

So, TL;DR, try looking straight down during the jump, until they find a fix.

I managed to get around it by pressing 1 and getting to the helix mid-jump. Somehow it makes me land on the right side.